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About Us

The Handcrafter's Boutique was founded by First Christian Church, a church of imperfect people desiring to worship and serve the perfect God.  A Bible believing, Bible teaching, non-denominational church.  

In 2011, the church's outreach effort became formally headed by a team of enthusiastic members dubbed the "Vision Group" or V.G.M. (Vision Group Ministry).  We decided that the focus and mission of this group would be to reach out to our community and in to our congregation with the love of Christ.


As we began planning outreach projects for the year it quickly became apparent that we needed a fundraiser in addition to the contributions of our small congregation to sufficiently finance everything on the agenda.  Like all successful fundraisers, ours needed to work with our mission as well as raise funds.  

We chose to offer a Boutique because we saw a need in our community for an event that exclusively featured high-quality handcrafted products made by local artisans.  In keeping with our mission, we determined that all vendors and patrons be met with the cheerful helpfulness and loving attitude that  Christ commands us to show all people.

Founding members of the Vision Group Ministry team

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