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Each Handcrafter's Boutique has been an increasing success and the Fall 2019 event continued in that tradition.  Over 70 vendors display a wide variety of crafts including jewelry, hand carved wood, bath and body products and treats that included mouth watering treats, cupcakes and so much more to a crowd of 200-300 patrons rain or shine.  You never know what new delights you'll discover each year!

If you would like to be notified about and reminded of upcoming Boutiques, let us know by emailing us at or click on the "Stay Updated" button below.

Advertising this year will include 10 signs throughout Manteca, a blurb in every free event promotion site online, paid advertising in the Manteca Bulletin, Lodi News Sentinel, Tracy Press, and the Modesto Bee.


Mark your calendar for the popular Fall  Handcrafter's Boutique taking place on November 5th, 2022 hosted by United Lutheran in Manteca.


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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Booth Size: 10x10

    • The event is outside on our expansive front lawn with a few spaces inside available

    • Pop-up or other shade tent recommended.

  • Vendor fee: $40.00 plus one donated item toward our raffle ($20 value)

    • 1 Raffle item will be requested of each vendor or booth in the case of multiple vendors in a single booth.

  • Registration: 

    • Due to the popularity of the Handcrafter’s Boutique, we are opening registration for the Fall Boutique April 24. 

    • We will not be collecting any fees until after August 1 we are certain the event can be safely and advisably hosted

    • Last day to withdraw with a refund is October 10.

  • Limits to categories of handcrafts: All vendors are juried for uniqueness and classified as a type of handcraft (jewelry, baby items, etc.).  To offer a fair market to all vendors, a limited number of each handcraft will be accepted. 

    • See below for a sample list of limits:

      • 5 Jewelry vendors (includes beads, up-cycle, glass, wire work)

      • 3 Wearable knit/crochet vendors (includes carves, gloves, beanies)

      • 3 Non-wearable knit/crochet vendors (includes blankets, toys)

      • 3 Baby item vendors

      • 2-3 Bow vendors

      • 2 Soap vendors

      • 4 Hand sewn vendors (includes quilts, table runners, clothing)

      • 1 Food vendor for each type of food or seasoning – no overlap

    • Please note that this is not a complete list of handcrafts accepted at the Boutique.  It is simply a list of limits on handcrafts for which we have historically received an abundance of applications. 

    • We reserve the right to add additional categories and limits if the committee feels the Boutique and approved vendors will be best served by such additions.

  • No applications for the Fall Boutique are accepted after October 10, 2022

    • No vendors will be accepted after the deadline



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