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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has this event been around?

The first Handcrafter's Boutique was offered in May 2012. We learned quickly that May is too hot to hold an event outside and changed our offerings to Fall only until 2016. To date, we have offered 4 Spring and 8 Fall Boutiques. In 2020 we offered our first online event.

How do you define "handmade"?

Our bylaws define “handmade” as materially changed from its original state.  Handmade may include items created, written, or composed by the seller and necessarily assembled by an outside company.  This includes, but is not limited to books written by the seller, original pieces of artwork created by the seller that has been scanned and printed, and recorded music composed and performed by the seller as part of a cottage industry.

How many shoppers does this event attract?

The Fall Boutique typically sees between 250 - 300 shoppers, while the Spring was frequented by around 200 - 250. The Spring event is no longer offered.

How many vendors?

We can accommodate a total of 75 vendors: 7 inside and 68 outside. 

What happens if it rains?

Handcrafter's is a rain or shine event!  We pray for sun, but regardless of the weather, our volunteers and vendors will be ready to greet you with smiles and fabulous crafts. 

How do I become a vendor?

As you can imagine, this is a very popular event (see below for why). As such, the key to getting in is applying early. Click on the "Contact" page to send us an email requesting to be added to our mailing list. Registration opens about 6 months prior to the event and we are typically full a few months before the big day. Individuals on the mailing list are notified by email when registration opens and therefore get first dibs. For example, the Fall 2019 Boutique received 54 applications the first week registration was open.

How do you select your vendors? Do you have a wait list?

All vendors juried to ensure a good mix of products are offered and overlap between styles of products is kept to a minimum. For this same reason we also limit the number of offerings in each product category (jewelry, bath & body, etc.). Any application received after we've reached capacity in a particular category or overall is added to our wait list. If an approved vendor withdraws, we look to the wait list in the same category as the vendor who withdrew to fill the vacant spot.

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