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California Food Health and Safety Laws

We know you're as concerned about food health and safety laws as we are, so we set our volunteers most fluent in "legalese" to work sorting through the policies and procedures to discover the facts about offering food at events like the Handcrafter's Boutique.

Summarized Policies:

1. Non-Profit agencies on record with the state (i.e. 501c-3 organizations) are exempt from the permit requirement.  United Lutheran Church is a religious 501c-3 organization.


2. Anyone who can be classified as a "cottage industry" is also exempt from regulation (and permit requirement).

3. A "cottage industry," as pertaining to food production, is defined as an entity that makes less than $50,000/annual gross selling their product, sells to customers directly, and produces only baked goods (no meat products); jams or jellies; or bags of herbs.

4. Since a cottage industry is not regulated, they are required by law to include on or with their product labeling containing the following information: Name, Address, and the statement, "Food not inspected by the local health department."

5. Cottage industries are prohibited from selling via the internet.

6. Health Services regulations are defined by the state, and are monitored and enforced by local jurisdictions (usually counties).

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