Featuring 60+

Local Artisans!

Next Event: Saturday, November 5, 2022

We believe the Handcrafter's Boutique should be an extension of our outreach to the community.  As such, we treat our vendors with the utmost respect and do our best to offer the kind of Boutique that shows each handcrafter in the best light and gives everyone an equal chance of promoting and selling his or her craft.  

To do that, we screen all vendors before welcoming them to participate in the Handcrafter's Boutique.  This process includes looking for unique, high-quality, handcrafts that are not already being offered by an approved vendor.  Part of the application process is the submission of a website, Facebook page, or images of the handcrafts a prospective vendor intends to sell.  Also, if too many applications for a certain type of craft are submitted we reserve the right to place unapproved applications on a wait list.  Approved vendors are promptly sent a Vendor's Contract to sign and return to the church office with a check for the vendor fee of $40.00. An online payment option is available as well. Spaces are 10x10 and located outside with very few spots inside reserved for vendors whose items have the potential to melt or blow away on a windy day. Please be prepared to explain why you need to be indoors. All vendors are asked to donate an item toward our raffle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Boutique Coordinator, Amber Dominguez at vendor@handcraftersboutique.com.  

Registration for the Fall 2022 event will open April 17, 2022. Applications are reviewed on Sundays and responses will go out the following week

We are currently full and only accepting applicants
to our wait list.